I believe success comes through collaboration

I am dedicated to helping athletes find success in all areas of their lives: sport, academics, work, and relationships with themselves and others. We work together to develop an individualized plan based upon goals we identify together. These plans can be short-term (during the competitive season) or long-term (year-long periodized mental training plans corresponding to physical training plans).

Given mental health factors may also impact performance, I also work with athletes to optimize their mental health. We address a variety of factors that may impact mental health, such as sleep, priority management, and stress management.

Every professional setting I've worked in has been multidisciplinary and team-focused. I work closely with coaches, team physicians, athletic trainers, physical therapists, and dietitians when coordinating care for student-athletes. I have a strong commitment to keeping information secure and confidential, and collaboration will only be done with your permission. There are rare exceptions to this, and those exceptions are discussed at the outset of my work with you. 

Because I take confidentiality and ethics very seriously, I do not disclose the athletes or teams with whom I work. I also do not post testimonials about my work with others, as I believe it is best to not give information that could identify my clients.

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Erin Haugen, PhD, LP, CMPC, is a licensed clinical psychologist and sport psychologist in Grand Forks, ND. She is passionate about sport performance, athlete mental health, interprofessional practice, and professional well-being. Her enthusiastic, approachable, and practical style are assets when helping others.

Dr. Haugen has a PhD in clinical psychology and is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. She completed her pre-doctoral internship at River Valley Services/Connecticut Valley Hospital in Middletown, CT and post-doctoral residency at the University of California, Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, CA. She works with athletes from over 20 different sports from recreational to elite (Olympic and professional) levels and specializes in working with collegiate student-athletes.

Dr. Haugen is employed at Assessment and Therapy Associates of Grand Forks (ATAGF), PLLC. She is also an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Psychology at the University of North Dakota and faculty member at Altru Family Medicine Residency. She teaches sports medicine fellows from family medicine and physical therapy as well as athletic training students. She provides consultation and mentorship for professionals interested in enhancing their work with athletes or pursuing the CMPC credential. She is also past-president of the North Dakota State Board of Psychologist Examiners (NDSBPE).

In her spare time, Dr. Haugen competes in triathlons and enjoys camping and hiking with her husband, Dave, who specializes in couples therapy, and three border collie mix rescue dogs: Molly, Fromm, and Eddie.


Molly (aka #SweetMollyMixBreed) stealing my chair at work while also rolling over for belly rubs.  HeRD of Wyoming  alum.

Molly (aka #SweetMollyMixBreed) stealing my chair at work while also rolling over for belly rubs. HeRD of Wyoming alum.

Fromm (aka, #FrommersVonFancyPants) doing his best "chair model" pose.  HeRD of Wyoming  alum.

Fromm (aka, #FrommersVonFancyPants) doing his best "chair model" pose. HeRD of Wyoming alum.

Eddie (aka #EddieSpaghettiTornadoBoy) waiting patiently between play sessions.  Border Collie Rescue of Minnesota  alum.

Eddie (aka #EddieSpaghettiTornadoBoy) waiting patiently between play sessions. Border Collie Rescue of Minnesota alum.

Fun facts

I strongly believe in pursuing goals, having good relationships, and maintaining positive well-being, so I do my best to practice what I preach! I played basketball and ran track as a sprinter in my high school days. As a current triathlete, I spend most of my summer racing sprint to half-Iron distances. I love watching documentaries (but not movies), playing board games, and going on cycling tours with my husband. I spend the fall camping and hiking with my family (husband and 3 rescue dogs) and watching sports. I am a fan of 90s music, flannel shirts, the Oxford comma, and puns. I am also a proud 11-time winner of HQ Words (#WordNerd)!

Our rescue dogs do as much as possible with us. Molly (aka #SweetMollyMixBreed) is a Spaniel/Border Collie mix who loves belly rubs! We are a registered therapy dog team through Alliance of Therapy Dogs and volunteer in the community providing emotional support to others. Fromm (aka #FrommersVonFancyPants) is a Border Collie/Aussie mix and loves having a job (which usually means playing fetch or chasing his herding ball)! Eddie (aka #EddieSpaghettiTornadoBoy) is a Aussie mix and is the youngest of the bunch. He loves to play with other dogs and snuggle with any human.

The fam in July 2018 (pre-Eddie, of course)!

The fam in July 2018 (pre-Eddie, of course)!