swimming performance enhancement

sport psychology sessions

These sessions are focused on improving athletic performance. We spend the first session evaluating your needs through discussion and completion of assessment measures. This data is used to develop an individualized performance improvement plan that can be short-term or long-term in nature.

I work with athletes ages 18+ across various competitive levels, although I specialize in working with college student-athletes.

typical results

  • Improved self-awareness

  • More consistently being the person and athlete you want to be

  • Regular management of your thoughts and emotions

  • Ability to learn from and bounce back from difficult performances or failure

  • Implementation of sport psychology tools to improve focus and performance


athlete mental health 

Athletes are human and not immune to mental health difficulties ranging from stress to anxiety, eating disorders, ADHD, or depression. This is particularly the case for college student-athletes given this is the time of onset for many mental health difficulties.

Mental health services consist of individual therapy to provide you with tools to manage mental health issues and diagnostic evaluations to aid in diagnostic clarification and treatment planning. Because mental health difficulties can impact performance, we may also discuss how to manage these dynamics.

typical results

  • Effectively balance multiple roles (e.g., student, athlete, friend, partner)

  • Learn cognitive-behavioral tools to decrease stress and mental health difficulties

  • Identify cognitive errors and learn how to correct these errors

  • Learn tools to manage difficulties resulting from mental health symtpoms

  • Name the mental health difficulties you are experiencing and learn about effective treatment options


For more information regarding my clinical practice in non-athlete populations, please contact Assessment and Therapy Associates of Grand Forks, PLLC. Please note that I am only taking new non-athlete patients for psychological evaluations; I am not taking any new non-athlete patients for individual sessions.