I love being helpful

Because I love helping others, a part of my professional life is providing consultation to other professionals. I strongly value my consultations with colleagues and strive to provide quality feedback when consulted myself. Listed below are the types of consultations I offer.

computer consultation

Quick Consultation

This is designed for times you have a quick question that may not necessarily take a full hour. I am happy to speak with you for a shorter amount of time to answer your question.

mental health professionals working with student-athletes

This is designed for mental health professionals who desire consulting with another mental health professional with extensive experience addressing student-athlete mental health.

mental health consultation

sports medicine consultation

sports medicine departments

This is designed for sports medicine departments who are interested in improving their work with student-athletes.

MENTORSHIP to become a certified mental performance consultant (CMPC)

This is designed for individuals seeking mentorship hours for the CMPC credential. I specialize in providing mentorship to Experienced Practitioner CMPC applicants.

CC-AASP mentorship